How to Fit Deck Design to the Outdoor Surroundings

How to fit deck design to the outdoor surroundings

By creating an area that reflects the architectural character of the home and the personality of the homeowners who have the space is the key to designing a successful outdoor living space. Deck designs last for more than 20 years because these designs are planned for the elements. Without a proper plan, decks will age quickly.

How you will use the decks, how large the group will you need space for, and whether you will need adequate lighting to entertain at night or not, are the most important considerations in deck designs. A good deck plan will be easy to build by yourself or if you want, you can hire a professional to build it. Materials that complement your backyard should be chosen.

With beams to hold the unit up off the ground, slightly elevated or higher and joists to support the flooring material and posts, the deck can be considered a floor structure. Deck designs can add the value of your home as well as provide a focal point for enjoying the outdoors, as these are popular improvements.

A deck can be attached to a house or be freestanding. When a deck attached, it can feature a roof, benches, matching flowerpots and ornate railings.

Draw two sketches-one of your lot once you have a rough idea of what you want. Go to local home center or lumberyard and bring along the sketch then ask a salesperson to estimate and price the materials you’ll need. To meet all your needs and then some, you can have a spectacular deck.


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